Apathy: The destroyer of careers

Apathy: Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

These are three synonyms for apathy that I have begun to identify with at different times throughout not only my career, but my certification pursuit. It’s something that ebbs and flows within my life, and I’ve talked to others who would agree that depending on the project they are working on, or the boss they are working for, apathy is something that creeps its way into our lives at different times. I’ve found in my life that there have been both positive and negative aspects to losing interest in certain things.

I still remember when I first started pursuing my CCNA about 9 years ago. Back then, I’d never logged into a router or switch, but I had convinced my boss in the NOC to send me to a CCNA bootcamp. There, I was introduced to the Cisco CLI along with learning about different protocols and how to connect devices together. I immediately loved it and went to eBay to buy my first rack with several routers and switches. This new technology made me feel alive, and I loved every minute of learning new things.

Over time, however, it seems like my passion has dried up somewhat. My day to day work doesn’t have me doing what I want and truly love, but rather I feel like I’m dying a little inside every day at work. I love the people and the company I work for, but I don’t feel that challenge that I used to. I will take the blame on some of it, but I really am looking for a new challenge in my career. Maybe it’s this apathy that is telling me that I need to finally step outside of my comfort zone and pursue something that will really make me happy.

I guess only time will tell…


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