Cisco Live – Day 1

The time is now…Cisco Live 2016 began yesterday for me, and it was a packed day and I was impressed by the number of people who are attending. If you’re anything like me, Cisco Live is your favorite event of the year. This year, I have the honor of being a member of the Cisco Champions program, and I am excited for everything that is happening this year at the event.

Sunday kicked off for me with the opportunity to attend the New Attendee Meet-up, where NetVets were paired with first time attendees to help mentor them and answer any questions they might have about this event. With the growth that CLUS has seen over the years, this is a great idea and something that will help both the new attendee and the seasoned veteran connect and discover Cisco Live.

After the New Attendee meet-up, I rushed over to everyone’s favorite opening event: The Opening Day Tweet-up. This year, I’ve made it my mission to actually talk to people and meet people. For me, this isn’t the easiest thing to do. I’m naturally an introvert and like to just observe and people watch. Some people probably find this unusual, but for me, just being an observer and watching is intriguing. However, I made it a personal goal to talk to and put faces to names that I had talked to over the years on Twitter and other means.

I was able to meet some of the people who I’d followed on Twitter for years, along with some familiar faces that I had talked to in the past and met at other Cisco Live events. To me, the most important aspect of Cisco Live is the connections that we all make at this event. Yes, the sessions are amazing and full of more information than I’ll possibly absorb in a 2 hour window. But making connections here is what I’ve found to be the best thing that I’ve done.

I hope that if you’re new to Cisco Live and reading this blog, you’ll feel free to say hello if you see me around the event floor this week. When I’m not in a session, I’ll generally be hanging out at the social media area, which actually started here in Las Vegas back in 2011 as Tom’s Corner. (Look up @networkingnerd on Twitter for more information). Make new connections, get out of your comfort zone, and enjoy one of the best places on earth…sorry Disney!


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