Sioux Falls CUG – Welcome

As you’re aware if you’ve reached this point, we’re going to be starting a Cisco Users Group in Sioux Falls, SD, and I’d like to invite you to use this page to introduce yourself. First off, we need to figure out some logistical items so we can have our first real meeting. Here are some things that will need to be decided upon by the group:

  1. Location – Does anyone have suggestions or know of somewhere that we can have our first CUG meet-up?
  2. Topics – The first meeting should probably be mainly an introduction to the group, deciding roles for people to take on, and more of a meet and greet atmosphere. Future meetings should have speakers either from within the group or from the outside to discuss topics of interest.
  3. Date/Time – Does an after-work (5pm) time frame work the best for everyone? We should probably plan on a consistent day/time for the meetings to be held, and the monthly format seems to be the one that many other CUG’s use, something like 2nd Tuesday of every month.

Are there other ideas that anyone has before we start to plan more logistics for this? Please reach me at or if you want to chat directly, or post below in the comments. This will need to be a group effort if this is going to succeed, but I think that if we can get this off of the ground we’ll have a great group. Just looking at the people who had shown interest, we’ll have a great mix of people throughout the SF tech industry and we should have a lot of great insights. I look forward to hearing from everyone soon.